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about us

Context Design Studio is an Interior Design company based in Los Angeles, working on projects throughout California. The studio is led by founder and seasoned Principal Designer Sophie Seiden Kelly. We work to achieve a unique aesthetic expression in every project, drawing inspiration from art, architecture, historic references, and materiality. 

The studio provides full-service interior design for residential and boutique commercial projects. We create spaces that are personalized and creative, with a contemporary yet welcoming atmosphere. We believe that the best designs reflect the client's needs, enhances the inherent characteristics of a space, and adds an element of the unexpected.  

With over a decade of experience, Sophie contributes deep knowledge and technical expertise to all phases of design - from concept to execution. Sophie has cut her professional teeth working with award winning, AD-100 firms such as Studio Shamshiri, Charles de Lisle and Nicole Hollis.


Drop us a line to discuss your project and to view our portfolio of work.

we bring ideas to life



We take a programmatic approach based on historic and geographic context, aesthetics instinct, our clients' lifestyle and daily needs, and of course - the big two... budget and schedule. 

We use digital drawings, 3D modeling, and material samples to visualize the space. We work closely with architects, vendors, and contractors to ensure the success of each project from ideation through implementation.  

With a process deeply rooted in research, discovery and collaboration, Context Design Studio aims to create spaces you'll never want to leave. 

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